PixelPost to WordPress Exporter

Are your photos trapped inside of PixelPost?

PixelPost to WordPress ExporterThis plugin for PixelPost will allow you to export your posts, comments, categories, tags and images into the WordPress blogging platform. Although PixelPost is a very fine photoblogging script, it is limited in uses other than for photos. In today’s world of multimedia, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to add video posts or text posts or anything you care to blog about in one platform.

Export all of your posts and keep the visitors and comments that you have worked hard in obtaining!

An addon for the PixelPost installation that allows you to export your data. An admin plugin to import this data into WordPress. It could not be any simpler!

In order to obtain the PixelPost to WordPress Exporter package, a $15.99USD donation is required of you that will be forwarded to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Why? My wife is a medical researcher working on the cure for blood cancers. She works in a lab that works hand in hand with the LLS. We support the LLS through various events and fundraisers, inlcuding Light the Night. A small donation on your part allows you to save hours and hours of your time in trying to export your PixelPost data by hand. This donation also helps save lives of people afflicted by blood cancers. All proceeds from your donations will be given to LLS.

Donate today and upgrade your photoblogging and your karma!


  1. herwann April 15, 2010

    Thanks for your script, like you know it works perfectly, everybody should use it…

  2. Robert Jaudon July 31, 2010

    This script worked great. I was able to import 300 posts with comments/tags/images/etc. without issue. I love the fact it allows you to export the data from Pixelpost without causing any issues with the Pixelpost install. Importing into WordPress is simple and easy. The export creates an XML file that WordPress reads and the posts are imported.

    Step by step instructions are included with the download as well. All in all this was a great help.

  3. PNG August 3, 2010

    Work like a charm! Thanks for the great script!

  4. Shawn Bierman August 17, 2010

    Exported/Imported 171 posts (with images) and 744 comments from PixelPost to WordPress with no headaches.

    Great job, easily worth the donation.

  5. Jens August 29, 2010

    Worked fine…thanks for your support!!

  6. RichardAlois September 14, 2010

    Great script – worth the donation. Thanks!

  7. Justin Scott November 1, 2010

    Despite a tiny wait for approval, holy cow this thing really works! Expect a positive review on my site soon.

  8. Fabian January 6, 2011

    Fantastic plugin, i changed the plattform without any headache. The donation is worth it. Thanks

  9. Robert January 9, 2011

    Export/import scripts rarely work as well as this one. It will save you loads of time and headache when moving from Pixelpost to WordPress (time better spent taking pictures).

    The plugin’s worth every penny, and to top it off, Jeff’s a nice guy who’s donating the money to a good cause.

  10. fabrizio January 29, 2011

    Hi Jeff;
    I am very interested in your script, because I’d like to migrate to wordpress for more flexibility in my photoblog over to the photos and to have also a page with my own portfolio, in a single url.
    in the same way, but I do not want to lose almost 9000 comments that I received divided in 268 photos.
    I wanted to know what you think about my question,

    1) you can import all the material complete?
    2) I switch to wordpress and keep the same url that I have now with Pixelpost?

    Thanks and good weekend

  11. Naveen Bachwani February 4, 2011


    I’m trying to find out if this really works before I shell out the monies.

    Most of the links I have clicked of users who seem to have used the plugin, have blogs that are still hosted on Pixelpost.

    What’s the deal?

  12. ElevenTwentySix February 4, 2011


    Some of the links showing Pixelpost may be because they are still working on their WordPress installations. It takes a while to fully understand WordPress and get it to do what you want. There is a learning curve to creating a WordPress theme. They will continue to use their Pixelpost install until they are confident that WordPress is ready to go.

  13. Alberto (photholic) May 9, 2011

    Works as expected, just need some minor tuning because my pixelpost was not installed on root.

    In any case, anyone knows how to automatically translate old pixelpost URL’s (photholic.com/pBlog/index.php?showimage=20) to new the wordpress ones (photholic.com/?p=20) by working with “.htaccess” file?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Rob June 14, 2011

    Will this work even if your Pixelpost site is not working due to a server upgrade? The database is still intact as are the photos and thumbnails (and both are backed up) but I can no longer view it on the web due to errors after my host did a PHP 5.3 upgrade. This is why I want to migrate it. Just want to make sure your script can run even if I can’t get to the Pixelpost admin screen.


  15. Nate June 23, 2011

    I paid for your plugin but it’s not working. Could you help me please? It’s failing every time it says it’s importing. It fails to import anything except tags!?

  16. Nate June 30, 2011

    Everything worked after your help! Thanks for the relief this heartache has caused me for about 3 years while I have waited for a Pixelpost export to wordpress script. The peeps at Pixelpost think they are too cool to include such a plugin for Pixelpost yet they haven’t updated their platform in over two years. So I ditched it after feeling too vulnerable because of it.

  17. Sebastien July 7, 2011

    I’ve a got a photoblog running on Pixelpost and a site running on wordpress.
    I would like to migrate my photoblog into an existing wordpress installation.
    Do you know if it’s possible with your script (or should I use a clean install) ?



  18. Raul Saez October 4, 2011

    Despues un tiempo buscando como importar de pixelpost a wordpress probe con este plugin y lo hizo perfecto, aqui esta mi actual fotoblog con wordpress http://www.raulsaez.es

    After a while looking like Pixelpost import to wordpress, I tried this plugin and made it perfect, here is my current wordpress photoblog with http://www.raulsaez.es


  19. Anil October 15, 2011

    This seems to be the life saver I was looking for!

    But like Sebastien, I too want to import my pixelpost photoblog (which has about 700 photos) into my existing wordpress blog (which has about 200 posts).

    Would that be possible with this plugin? Please let me know. Many thanks!

  20. ElevenTwentySix October 15, 2011

    Many people have imported into an existing WordPress install. You should be able to import from Pixelpost without any problems. I would definitely backup your WordPress before doing the import. WordPress is pretty smart not to overwrite posts with the same ID number. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  21. ElevenTwentySix October 15, 2011

    Just wanted to say thanks again to everybody that made donations over the past year and a half that this solution has been available. Every little bit helps to find a cure. Tonight is the LLS Light the Night Walk. My wife, daughter and myself will be taking part in the walk.


  22. Devyn November 26, 2011

    Thank you for making my transition to WordPress as simple as it was. This has helped breath some life into my old mostly dormant DSLR site and I no longer need to worry about the lack of available Pixelpost support.

  23. Jerome December 8, 2011

    I have installed the plugin. Worked quite well but on my 700 images, only 500 where imported. Even when segmenting the files ? Could you give me some help ?

  24. john January 30, 2012

    thanks for your work here, I have a issue,but hopefully minor.
    installed into /addons. Then activated after login, i get the options, when I press Export, I get a
    The requested URL /addons/pixelpost_to_wordpress_export.php was not found on this server.
    any thoughts?

  25. ElevenTwentySix January 30, 2012

    Hi John,

    That happens when PixelPost is not in the root. Open up the addon and on line change the action to the full URL of your PixelPost install. That should take care of it. Let me know if I can be of further help.

    Thanks for the donation!

  26. john February 3, 2012

    just to be more precise- the line no in the file is line 15- starting with <form name. Just list the folder below your root directory and voila mate.

  27. Anil July 26, 2012

    Thanks Jeff for this excellent plugin. The export worked very smoothly for me except for one issue. After importing from my PP pblog into my existing WP blog I’ve realized that the photos are still being loaded from the PP images folder! Is that normal? I’d like them to be in the wp-content folder of my WP blog. Is that not possible? If yes, please tell mehow this can be done. Thanks!

  28. Greg Karpoff August 11, 2012

    Many thanks for you work on this excellent plugin. Made my transition to WP way less tedious than it would have been without it, that’s for sure. Worked great for me.

  29. Naveen Bachwani September 1, 2012

    My pixelpost installation was also not on the root folder and my first attempt at running the script didn’t work. But I went thru the comments and figured out that others had the same problem. Was able to fix it by editing the Form reference.

    I suggest you include an instruction on that in your help file for future users.

    Thanks again for a wonderful script – saved me hours of effort!

  30. ludo2604 September 4, 2012

    Hi there,
    just bought it, works great!

    1.Do you know if there is a plugin to have tons of thumbnails for Categories, like “ARCHIVE” in pixelpost ?


  31. Syd September 22, 2012

    Thank you so much for this plugin – it worked very well for my photoblog’s 600+ images (although I’m still getting to grips with WordPress!).

    Oddly though, on a second pixelpost installation on the same site, this time a portfolio for my sister’s ceramic art, I got many “Failed to import Media” errors and as with Anil in one of the comments above have discovered that the images in the new WordPress site are still being sourced from the original site. This isn’t a great drama as there’s only twenty or so images and I’ll re-import them manually in WordPress but can you post any troubleshooting tips you may have for this error.

    Both pixelpost installations are v1.7.3, and they both use the same database (just with different database prefixes) but I have noticed that the images on the ceramics site have spaces in their file names. Do you think this is the problem?

    Thanks again, Syd

  32. Neo October 9, 2012

    hi Jeff,
    i really like your theme and was wondering where can i get one?


  33. Wayne Mah November 7, 2012

    I migrated everything over last night and it’s now live using WordPress!

    7 years, and 2000+ photos!

    Works great, thank you!!