Monthly Archives: July 2005

Cincinnati Sunset

The sun setting in Cincinnati, Ohio with the Ohio River in the foreground. Another image from the old Fujifilm MX-700.

Franklin Park Conservatory

An older shot of the conservatory in Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio. This was taken with my old Fujifilm MX-700, my first digital camera.


My friend from Japan, Sachie, checking the molars on this alligator. Good news, no cavities!

SPF 30

Shouldn’t this thing be in a cage? I turned around a corner and here he was, sunning himself on a limb.


The obligatory fireworks shot from July 4th. Actually, I’m kind of pleased how this one came out. Submitted to <a href=””>Thursday Challenge</a>.

A Revolutionary Soldier

The text on this grave marker states: Peter Sunderland, A Revolutionary Soldier, Fought at Bunker Hill. Died Aug. 1827, Aged 90 years. This would have made him 38 years old at the time of the Battle of Bunker Hill, the same age I am now. Kind of makes me ponder what I have done for my country. Thanks Peter, Happy July 4th!

Murdered by Indians.

Captain E. Dawson, Murdered by Indians. Oct. 1812.

Fort Amanda was originally built in the fall of 1812 by Kentucky troops under the command of Lt. Col. Robert Pogue, the fort was enlarged to almost double the original size during the spring of 1813 by Ohio militia soldiers under the command of Capt. Daniel Hosbrook. A fifth blockhouse was added during the second phase of construction as well as several cabins and storage buildings. The walls stood 11 feet above the ground.