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Merry Christmas

The girls sending their Santa letters.

Honeysuckle sweetness

Isabella, now 4, posing in front of the honeysuckle bushes. It has been amazing watching her grow into a beautiful little girl.

Proud Daddy

Here I am with my daughter, Isabella. She is now 18 months old and the most important person in my life. Having been able to stay home and raise her every day has been a challenge and a reward for me. I also would not have given up this opportunity for anything else in the world. We are sitting on a park bench looking at Marblehead Lighthouse on the shore of Lake Erie near Port Clinton, Ohio. My wife, Emilia, is taking this photo, for which I thank her.

Sparks fly

A welder at the local muffler shop replaces the flex pipe on wife’s car. Only took 7 minutes from time the car was pulled in until I was given the keys back. He said he does 40-50 a day. Practice makes perfect.

Objects in mirror are larger than they appear

These four kids were having fun playing on a miniature replica of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. Playing King Kong for a day brings out the kid in you.

Bryn Du Polo

We drove over to Granville to the Bryn Du Mansion to watch the polo matches on the great lawn in front of the mansion. It was very chilly for August, a high of 64F. It was fun to watch the matches and Isabella enjoyed seeing the horses running around.

Young girl fishing on Caesar Creek Lake

Back in 2006, when Emilia and I were first dating, we put our relationship to the test by going camping at Caesar Creek State Park. Spending so many days together in close company with each other can either strengthen or derail a relationship. Fortunately, we found ourselves to be very compatible with each other. In a few days we will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary along with Isabella turning five months old. If it wasn’t for that long weekend back in 2006, we may never have reached this point in our lives.

This photo was taken with Emilia’s point and shoot Nikon she had with her. I can’t remember if she or I took the photo, but it was shot after I gave her some pointers and changed the settings on her camera. It is also one of the most popular photos on

Grandmother and Granddaughter

My mother and my daughter at the Field of Honor flag display. One of the flags was honoring my father, who served in the Korean War.


This is Kyleigh who, although very shy, posed just long enough to allow me to take the shot. First time using the high-key technique.

Introducing an angel…

Our daughter, Isabella Catherine, born April 2nd. 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. All are doing very well.