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Santa Maria

The world was forever changed when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail searching for a direct trade route to the Indies. Carrying him was the Santa Maria, a 98-foot wooden “nao”, or typical cargo ship.

More than 500 years later, you can tour the world’s most authentic, museum-quality replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Bryn Du Polo

We drove over to Granville to the Bryn Du Mansion to watch the polo matches on the great lawn in front of the mansion. It was very chilly for August, a high of 64F. It was fun to watch the matches and Isabella enjoyed seeing the horses running around.

Dawes Arboretum

We took Isabella over to Dawes Arboretum last Friday. It is located near Newark, Ohio and is a wonderful day trip to experience some nature. This Monarch Butterfly was enjoying the flowers.