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Good Morning

Merry Christmas

The girls sending their Santa letters.


7 inches of snow fell overnight. It was a heavy wet snow that stuck to the trees.

Merry Christmas

As we come to the close of 2011, it is time to reflect back on the days gone by. Not a good year, not a bad year. We survived. Looking forward to 2012 and the arrival of our second baby end of January. This birth will mean even more time away from this photoblog. As mentioned with the first child, promise not to turn it into a baby photoblog. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Up, Up and Away

Got up very early in the chilly morning to catch the sunrise launch of the hot air balloons for the Grove City Balloons and Tunes Festival. There were about 18 balloons in total that launched. As I drove home, the balloons passed directly over my house. Guess I could have just opened the bedroom window and taken the photo.

Santa Maria

The world was forever changed when, in 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail searching for a direct trade route to the Indies. Carrying him was the Santa Maria, a 98-foot wooden “nao”, or typical cargo ship.

More than 500 years later, you can tour the world’s most authentic, museum-quality replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Bryn Du Polo

We drove over to Granville to the Bryn Du Mansion to watch the polo matches on the great lawn in front of the mansion. It was very chilly for August, a high of 64F. It was fun to watch the matches and Isabella enjoyed seeing the horses running around.

Destinations unknown

Ever wonder where a pair of railroad rails are going, or where they came from? Pick a direction and hop on board. Taken at the beginning of my 2006 trip to the West.

B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber – Liberty Belle

Hearing a B-17 fly just a few hundred feet above your house can be a little nerve racking. Although hearing a thousand B-17s in WWII would be even more so. The Liberty Belle was giving flights out of nearby Bolton Airport this weekend and the flight path was directly over our home. We didn’t mind, it was great to see such a vintage aircraft flying.

Some facts on B-17s:
12,732 built by Boeing
4,735 lost in combat
Fewer than 100 still exist in the world
Fewer than 15 can still fly today

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Shot from the Capitol Limited as I was coming into Chicago in 2006.