Monthly Archives: January 2006

Family Bible

Reading glasses on the opened family Bible.


This is Aidan, my niece’s friend’s son. He is 10 months old and was very interested in my camera.

Fire hose

A couple of fire hoses on the side of a pumper fire truck.

Fire ladder

Looking down one of the ladders on the aerial fire truck.

Fire bell

The fire bell on the front of the aerial ladder truck at the local fire department. More photos over the next couple of days.

Liquid Soap

The evening sun was shining through the soap and lotion dispensers and casting a glowing shadow on the wall. First time using a Mist filter in Photoshop.

Leaving New Orleans

A final ride on the streetcar in New Orleans catches Sachie being reflective of her time in the city. Little did we know what changes this beautiful city had in its future, but it will survive.

Snow Fog

A foggy, snowy morning leads this road and the travelers that dare to traverse it to unknown destinations.

Winter Sunset

Nature’s first green is gold,<br />
Her hardest hue to hold.<br />
Her early leaf’s a flower;<br />
But only so an hour.<br />
Then leaf subsides to leaf.<br />
So Eden sank to grief,<br />
So dawn goes down to day.<br />
Nothing gold can stay.<br />
<br />
Robert Frost, 1923