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Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse is the only surviving lighthouse in Chicago and one of only two remaining examples in Illinois. Built in 1893, the Lighthouse symbolically marks the Chicago Harbor. During the 1917 renovation of the breakwater, the lighthouse was moved to its present location, and its attached fog-signal room and boathouse were constructed. It is a familiar sight along Chicago’s shoreline just east of Navy Pier, where the Lighthouse continues to mark the harbor entrance.

Fountain girls

Girls enjoying themselves at the fountain in Columbus Park of Roses. It was the perfect place to be, considering the temperatures in the high 80’s and bright sunshine.

Draw Bridge Tower

One of the Draw Bridge Towers along the Chicago River. The color from the street lights adds a nice ambiance to the scene.

Viking ship

What do you do after visiting the Civil War? Go back about 1000 years and visit the Vikings. We traveled 25 minutes south of Columbus to Ashville to visit the Viking Fest. If you have ever been to a renaissance festival, same thing, same people, pretty much the same costumes, they just add horns to their hats.

We had a great time, even got sunburned. Saw our favorite magicians, the Bunnies in Peril guys who drove up from Orlando to be at this festival.

This is the sail from the authentic reproduction Viking Ship, The Norseman.

Church lantern

Weather beaten lantern hanging from a church in Doylestown, PA.


Trixi, from Lengerich, Germany. If only people would sit this nicely for their portraits.

Moana Surfrider

Built in 1901, the Moana is referred to as the First Lady of Waikiki. Underwent a $50 million renovation in the late 1980s. Beautiful hotel, we saw many weddings taking place. Our hotel was directly across the street.

Sheza Speedy

Celebrating Emilia’s birthday week, we went to Beulah Park to watch the horses run. Having no clue on how to bet, Emilia picked the horses with the cute names. Sheza Speedy was the number 5 horse in the second race. Here she is coming down to the finish line where she won easily. The payoff was $8.40 for a $2 dollar bet. We left the park with extra money in our pockets.

How you doin'?

While Emilia and I were taking our engagement photos, we came across a woman and her 2 dogs. This one, an 8 year old, that was rescued from the pound a few months earlier, was not enjoying the 95 degree weather as well as the 1 year old puppy. Very well behaved and gave us a break from the posing we had been doing in the hot sun also.

Wedding aftermath

Took Emilia’s parents and aunt to the Franklin Park Conservatory. A wedding just finished up and we viewed the aftermath of the event. These once beautiful roses, so carefully picked out and arranged by the couple, now lay wilted, helplessly strapped to rented chairs. We thought about our upcoming wedding, only 5 days away and all the planning and preparation that has taken place over the past months. So much time invested in an event that lasts only a few hours. We too look forward to the aftermath.