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Grasshopper molting

Grasshopper shedding its exoskeleton during the molting process on a Scots Pine tree. The process of molting is complicated and can take several hours. During this time, the insect is very vulnerable as it cannot escape from predators and therefore it tries to hide during the molting process. Some insects change colors to more closely blend in with the background during molting.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

My mother and my daughter at the Field of Honor flag display. One of the flags was honoring my father, who served in the Korean War.

Climbing Moro Rock

Moro Rock is a granite dome in Sequoia National Park, California. A 400-step stairway, built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, is cut into and poured onto the rock, so that visitors can hike to the top. The stairway is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The view from the rock encompasses much of the Park, including the Great Western Divide. Use of this trail is discouraged during thunderstorms and when it is snowing.

Lake Kaweah Sunset

Lake Kaweah is fed by the Kaweah River, which originates in the Sierra Nevada at Sequoia National Park in California. Long ago, Yokuts, Wukchumne, and Kaweah people lived and hunted along this river. Spaniards were the first Europeans to explore this area two centuries ago. Settlers arrived fifty years later.

Dusk at Santa Monica Beach

The sun is just beginning the slow descent into the Pacific. On September 9, 1909, after sixteen months of construction, the Santa Monica Municipal Pier opened to the public. While originally built to satisfy the City’s sanitation needs, the Pier quickly became a magnet for the fishing community and fueled the imagination of many local entrepreneurs.

Union Station – Chicago

Another HDR, this time from Chicago’s Union Station. If you are a regular subscriber to my photoblog, you know that trains are the only way to travel for me.

Flatiron HDR

This is the same shot as <a href=”″>this B&W photo</a>. First time trying out HDR. Not a big fan of HDR but I can see where it would be beneficial sometimes.

American Goldfinch

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, been busy with the new baby and shooting lots of photos and videos of her. I promised you I wouldn’t turn this into a baby photo blog!

Here is an American Goldfinch in the back yard recently, was nice lighting in the morning.

Introducing an angel…

Our daughter, Isabella Catherine, born April 2nd. 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. All are doing very well.


With 3 weeks to go until the due date, Emilia and I are busy preparing for the arrival of our first child. The past 9 months have definitely been filled with anticipation, nervousness and unequaled joy. Our lives are not changing, they are being completed.